12 super unique wedding dresses that will make you want to ask “Why is that dress?” Before “Congratulations”

12 super unique wedding dresses that will make you want to ask “Why is that dress?” Before “Congratulations”

A wedding is generally a once-in-a-lifetime event. No wonder people want such a wedding to be unforgettable. There are various ways to do it, such as wearing a dress that is different from others and having a wedding that is more gorgeous than anyone else. But one wrong step can be embarrassing. Sure, if the people themselves are happy, that may be fine, but some people may feel that they don’t want to be laughed at behind their backs.

So this time, we will introduce 50 unique dresses that will make you want to ask “What’s wrong?” and “Why that dress?”! If you want to wear an unusual dress, please refer to it. Please put on a more flashy dress!

Balloon dress that can’t sit down

A balloon dress made from balloons, from the dress to the necklace. Of course I can’t sit in any posture. In the first place, the idea of ​​making it with balloons is amazing! And the creator of the dress is also amazing! If you hook it somewhere, it will be out in one shot, but is it okay…?

When I think about it, I wonder, “Maybe it’s an unbreakable balloon?” However, you can try to prevent it from cracking as much as possible. In the first place, the cause of balloon cracking is the deterioration of the balloon due to overfilling of air and working environment. Of course, if you pierce it with a needle, it will break, but… If the balloon bursts, it might be misunderstood that there was an explosion somewhere?

too long wedding dress

It seems that the wedding dress train made a strangely long dress. It’s so long that it doesn’t make sense to pick it up. At first glance, it looks like toilet paper. Did you know that the length of a train actually matters? This custom dates back to ancient Rome, and it was believed that the longer the train, the more elegant it was, and represented the high status of the family.

This is because only the aristocrats and wealthy families were able to use the precious cloth in abundance. From that remnant, it seems that it has changed to “the length of the train = the admiration of women”. By the way, the train comes from the English word train. Even so, it’s too long…! I think that’s enough proof of my pedigree status!

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