Geoff McFetridge’s New Show at Cooper Cole

Geoff McFetridge’s New Show at Cooper Cole

You should already know artist Geoff McFetridge for his work with The New York Times, Colette or Nike. His very graphic signature style of pastel colors and simple shapes made him famous in the graphic design and art world. McFetridge has an upcoming new solo exhibition at Copper Cole in Toronto, so if you are around, you should definitely check it out!

*Graphics solve abstraction like a problem
*Graphics are an intermediate step between an image and the abstract
*Graphics are a mediator between things and abstraction
*Graphics are a delivery system for the abstract
*Graphics disguise abstraction as image
*Graphics organize abstraction (see above)
*Graphics make puzzles out of solutions
*Graphics monetize the abstract
*Graphics is abstraction done at a desk
*Graphics pull the world apart. Abstraction tears it up.
*Graphics are how we agree to see. Abstraction is an argument.
*Graphics are the memories we have of things. Abstraction is what things we do not remember look like.

– Geoff McFetridge


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