Has Anyone Been To The Gym Lately?

Has Anyone Been To The Gym Lately?

We’ve seen a lot of gym machines used in highly sus manners, but some people clearly don’t have any natural abilities or instincts when it comes to exercise. In fact, some people would probably fair better if they just stayed at home. Here are some of our favorites and a few you have to see to believe.

Inside Out, Upside Down Can You Feel It?

Gym Funny   231
It’s hard to decide whether this is a clever way to build upper body strength or just a great way to skin up your knees. Most likely it’s both.

That’s Not How That Works

Gym Funny   85
In general, if you aren’t actually sitting on the workout chair bench you can pretty much figure you aren’t doing it right. We aren’t sure how this guy isn’t getting it, but this is probably a Darwin award in the making.

Selfies = Zero Work

Gym Funny   100
We get it, gym clothes are cute. These days going to the gym is more about being seen than actually working out which Instagram is pretty much making clear. Just in case everyone didn’t see you check-in for the zillionth time at the gym, a quick selfie seems to do the trick.

Kitty King

Gym Funny   65

Why is it that all you have to do is add a cute kitten to a picture and suddenly it’s the cutest thing you’ve seen all day? We tried to resist, but darn it this is the cutest thing on the net.

The Ultimate Workout Wedgie

Gym Funny   46
Yoga pants and jeggings have pretty much made wedgies a staple of gym life, but creative use of gym equipment takes things to new heights. We have a feeling this girl is rethinking her life choices.

Bondage or Gymnast?

Gym Funny   57
If we had to wager a guess, this woman is training for more than just a day at the gym. After all, not too many gymnasts wear heels.

Teenage Dreams

Gym Funny   30
That boy is living out the fantasy of every boy his age, and he knows it. Why bother working out when the view is one that can’t be passed up. We pray for his sake the girl doesn’t turn around and catch him drooling.

Taking it Head On

Gym Funny   4
You never know when your head is going to have to step up to the table, so we suppose that is why this guy is practicing using his head. Or it’s possible that he is truly that dumb. We could see it going both ways.

Spray Tans Gone Wrong

Gym Funny   29
Probably a good idea to let your fake spray tan dry a little bit more before venturing out into a public space. That boy is likely traumatized for life and his poor mom has to deal with getting gold spray out of his car seat at the end of the day.

The Floor is Lava

Gym Funny   2
Her form is perfect, but we fear more for her safety once she finally let’s go. This is why you never hop on the rings without a spotter nearby, or a mat, or just about anything better than the cold hard floor from the looks of things.

Bodysuit Jazz from the Past

Gym Funny   3
We aren’t sure if that’s a bodysuit or a really inappropriate bathing suit, but either way, it’s a safe bet to say that it doesn’t count as gym attire. The 80’s called, they want your outfit back stat.

Using His Head

Gym Funny   5
We think this guy should spend a little more time sharpening his mental skills before worrying about his physical prowess because at this rate things aren’t looking good. On the bright side, he is giving a lot of us a very good laugh.

True Workout Buddies Coordinate Outfits

Gym Funny   96
Everyone knows that you aren’t a true friend if you aren’t willing to completely color coordinate your workout clothes. If we saw this duo at the gym we are pretty sure the effect would be more creepy than fun. Also, can we talk about lime green jeggings?

You Know You Want It

Gym Funny   72
Visitors have two choices, actually, walk around to the front of the building to workout, or just give into what they really want, which is apparently across the street.

his is Why You Take the Weight Machine Training Class

Gym Funny   6
It seems like it would be almost as much of a workout to get into this position as it would have been to just do the exercise the right way. To each their own, but we think we will stick to using the machine the way it was intended.

Gotta Lift it Honey

Gym Funny   7
We get this girl has a great figure, but her exercise doesn’t really count until she actually lifts the bar up. Otherwise, we can copy that pose in our underwear too. Or at least we like to imagine we could, ten years ago and a lot fewer pizza nights ago.

Baby’s Day Out

Gym Funny   8
Didn’t anyone tell this baby you aren’t supposed to have any loose clothing when you workout at the gym? We don’t know where he came from but he’s adorable and we hope that he hangs out at the gym every day.

Truth Hurts

Gym Funny   49
It can be hard to get out of a gym membership, but this patron had no problem laying it all out on the line. More power to this person for their honest approach.

Eyes Straight Ahead

Gym Funny   20

We have a feeling this one ended in disaster after this guy lost his focus while free lifting a combined total of 210 pounds. Hard to look good while suffocating under your weights. It’s looking pretty safe that she can handle more than he can.

Don’t Mess with Her

Gym Funny   64
Whoever this little girl is, she is not to be messed with. Her dad doesn’t have to worry about her, because looks like she has the guns to back herself up.

Heart’s On Fire

Gym Funny   22
We sure hope that this cut was intentional because the heart-shaped butt is way too cool to look away from. If she puts this much thought into her workout she should be good to go. We can’t wait to see what she shows up wearing next week.

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