Have you been to Walmart Lately?

Have you been to Walmart Lately?

Friends in High Places


Two words: giant wedgie. Outside of how uncomfortable this must be, this lady clearly didn’t consider what would happen if the products she needed were stocked on the bottom row.

Alice in Walmart Land


At first, we really thought this guy lost a bet, but then we noticed the fuzzy tail and got a little more confused. Either way, his knee-high game is on point.

Zebra Stripes


Not too many people can match their bikini bottom and purse, so kudos to this lady for pulling off this incredibly coordinated effort. Maybe next time opt for some pants as well.

Pedicure, Stat

There are some things you can’t unsee, like this poor man’s feet. We sincerely hope this is the result of frostbite, but unfortunately also don’t really believe that’s the case.

Panty Lines

Do they still count as panty lines if you can see the actual panty straps? Those shorts look like they have been wedged into place for about two decades, among other things.

The Rulebreaker

TITLE 13 1

As a rule, the people of Walmart are not the type that you want to stare at for too long, but this one breaks the mold proving there is one of everything at your local Walmart.

I Like to Eat Apples & Bananas


This shopper is clearly a novice because anyone knows that bananas last for the first five hours after you bring them home. This is not a stock-up item, unless you count your bowels, because this many bananas will certainly do that.

But is It Absorbent?


Somewhere a product design consultant is getting fired, and a Walmart associate is getting lectured after setting up this brilliant display of what is essentially an oversized maxi pad.

Cases are Not What They Crack Up to Be


There are a lot of places that you can store your eyeglasses when you aren’t using one, but your buttcrack should never be one of them. Dude: They go ON YOUR FACE.

Thing for Cheese

Hey we get it, we love a good cheese just as much as the next one, but if you really want to be premium, you gotta move it away from the shredded cheeses and over to the specialty cheese quarters.

No. Just No.


It took us a few minutes to realize those are actually leggings, and then two more minutes to realize that realization didn’t make things any better. Just say no to nude leggings. Every time.

Peeping Tom

Walmart 10

This guy thinks he has it good since he can peer into the fitting rooms, but clearly, he has never been to a Walmart before because the average customer is not what you want to see naked.

Lady Gaga at Walmart

Walmart 6

This is how Lady Gaga would look if she were one of us and walking around Walmart instead of red carpet events in Hollywood and it’s slightly disturbing.

Mother/Daughter Bonding

Walmart 5

You know you are a good mom when you make room on the motorized cart for your fully grown adult child who needs to check her text messages while shopping.

Hands to Yourself

Walmart 4

Someone needs to remind this guy to keep his hands to himself. Then they need to remind him to hand sanitizer because he’s about to checkout and we can’t imagine how many shared items he’s about to touch with that hand.

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