Inexpensive Hacks To Transform Unsightly Parts Of Your Home

Inexpensive Hacks To Transform Unsightly Parts Of Your Home

Since many of us spend a ton of time at home, there’s bound to be eyesores that we can’t stand. Maybe your kitchen appliances are dated or you feel like your fuse box is way too apparent. Perhaps it’s the wires that are poking out everywhere or the scratched up floor or furniture. Whatever the case, there’s bound to be a less expensive alternative than doing a renovation. From granite-looking paint to bathtub enhancement kits, you’ll be amazed at what inexpensive products can do to transform your home.

Transform Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Contact Paper

These days, there are few classier appliances than stainless steel ones. They’re easy to clean and look modern and sleek. Unfortunately, they’re also costly and it’s not worth replacing a perfectly working household appliance.

Naomi Hébert/Unsplash

That’s what makes stainless steel contact paper so incredible. For less than $15, you can order a roll of self-adhesive material that looks like stainless steel! Cut it to match your appliance dimensions and no one will be able to tell the difference!

Hide Your Modem In A False Box

Modems and other computer-related equipment aren’t the most appealing, especially when their wires are all bunched up near the wall. A simple fix that will go with any room decor is to place the items into a nice box.


Just cut a square in the back of the box that’s large enough to comfortably fit all of the wires. Choose a decorative box that has a lid so you can have access to everything as needed.

Create An Eyecatching Backsplash With Removable Wallpaper

Even if your cabinets, appliances, and countertops are top-notch, if your backsplash is yellowing or bland, it will make all the difference. Rather than spending a fortune on a fancy backsplash, you can get all of the aesthetic advantages from a $40 roll of removable wallpaper.

Christian Mackie/Unsplash

They come in a variety of patterns and, best of all, they peel off without damaging the wall. Just be sure you get one that is moisture and steam resistant.

Use Macramé To Hide Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes and other wall eyesores aren’t fun to look at, and covering them with a painting or mirror can make it difficult to access when needed. That’s what makes macramé so convenient.

Elena Putina/Unsplash

The wall decoration is made of cotton that is easy to move but sufficiently covers anything you don’t want to be seen. Plus, the elegant addition only costs around $20 and is light-weight enough that you only need a nail to hang it.

Update Your Bathtub With A Tub-And-Tile Kit

If you just moved into an older home, the bathtub may be overtly aged. Whether it has cracks or has yellowed over the years, bathtubs can become unattractive with time. Instead of spending a fortune on a new tub just for looks, try out a Tub & Tile Refurnishing Kit.

Various Photography/Pixabay

They only cost about $60 and can be applied with a brush, roller, or sprayer. The liquid contains acrylic and epoxy to create a solid white, scratch-resistant layer that looks like new.

Block An AC Unit With A Custom Planter

AC units are one of the most unattractive items that are surrounding the exterior of many homes. Since they’re necessary and require ventilation, it may seem like there’s nothing you can do, but there is.


As this Instagram user displayed, you can hide an AC unit behind a custom planter that enables airways and access but blocks the appliance visually. Use wooden planks to build hollow walls around the unit and top them off with planters full of tall greenery and vibrant flowers.

Transform Countertops With A Granite Paint Kit

Countertops make a huge impact on a kitchen’s aesthetic. Granite is one of the more popular options, but the cost to replace your existing counters can be way out of your budget.

Fran Hogan/Unsplash

Fortunately, you can give the look of having granite counters for just $80 using a granite paint kit. The application process takes a total of 16 hours and dries to a glossy finish. They even have different varieties of granite, such as Sicilian Sand and Bombay Black.

Cover Up Old Tile With Stick Tiles

If your bathroom tiles are still functioning but way out of style, it may not seem worth it to spend thousands of dollars ripping them up and replacing them. A more cost-effective alternative is to cover them up with stick tiles.


They only cost about $2 per square foot and they’re durable enough to look great long term. When it’s time to change them out or move, they peel off without causing damage. You can also get faux tiles for your wall to do a backsplash or accent wall.

Revamp Your Throw Pillows With New Shams

If your throw pillows are stained or no longer go with your decor, you may be tempted to replace them. But buying new throw pillows can be expensive, especially if the old ones are still in good shape.

Awesome Sauce Creative/Unsplash

Fortunately, there are throw pillow shams available online. Just like the pillow covers you use for your bed, they are fitted to your existing pillows’ sizes. There are a variety of funky patterns and a set only costs around $30.

Revitalize Wooden Furniture With Old English Scratch Cover

Wood furniture looks incredibly classy and is generally durable. The only downside is that it can scratch due to everyday activity. Instead of getting a whole new piece of furniture, just revitalize your existing wooden pieces with some Old English Scratch Cover.

Julian Hochgesang/Unsplash

An eight-ounce bottle is only $5 and it is said to restore surfaces and cover scratches and nooks. One reviewer said “I love this stuff” and that they “highly recommend as a quick fix.”

Hide Wires Behind A Desk Curtain

If you have a desk that faces a back wall, the wires underneath may be more noticeable than you’d hope. A simple way to fix that is to create a desk curtain that hangs over the wires.


Cut out a piece of fabric to the right dimensions and attach it to the backside of your desk a safe distance from the wire outlets or any extension cords. Pick a color that will suit the rest of the room’s decor and it will fit right in!

Keep Your Charging Station In A Drawer

Nowadays, the average household has chargers all over the place for numerous devices. To keep everything charged and looking tidy, consider creating a charging drawer like this one.

Dwaine Schreuder/Pinterest

All you need is an extension cord that is long enough to plug into a wall outlet and fit into a drawer. You can even drill a hole into the back of the drawer if the cord is too snug. Attach all of your chargers to the outlet and keep them tucked away in the drawer while charging.

Store Your Wires Tangle-Free With Paper Towel Cardboard

While your spare wires aren’t typically out in the open for guests to see, they can create anxiety for you when every time you open the drawer you see a messy knot of them.

Viviane Ferreira/Blogspot

To keep things organized and clean-looking, all you need are the cardboard pipes leftover from paper towel rolls. Cut them to the height of the drawer or box you keep wires in and stuff each piece with a single wire to prevent tangling.

Create A Custom Pet Crate Cover

As adorable as pets are, their crates are not. To make it look less like you have a cage in the house, consider creating a cute cover for any crates you have in the house.


You can purchase one already made, or make it yourself to ensure that the cover matches whichever room you’ll have it in. Wrap the sides and the back in a unique fabric with trim and be sure to leave the door bare so your pet can still keep an eye on things.

Make Your Garage Door More Attractive By Painting It

Even if your garage door is in great shape, it may still be an eyesore if the color is bland or unappealing. Painting your garage a soothing or vibrant color can make a huge difference.

Brandi Ibrao/Unsplash

Pick something that compliments the rest of your home’s exterior and will make guests feel welcome. The effect is similar to painting your front door, which is another helpful hack for enhanced curb appeal. You can even make the garage and door match colors or complement one another.

Cover Up A Worn Deck With An Outdoor Area Rug

If your deck doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing, save thousands with an area rug. There are specially made versions that are well-suited for outdoor weather, especially if the area is covered by an awning.

Anwar Hakim/Unsplash

The rug also helps bring together the furniture so that it feels more like an outdoor living space. You can also use this hack on front doorsteps. Instead of a welcome mat, get an area rug that will cover more of the unsightly flooring.

Swap Out Plastic Soap Dispensers For Reusable Ones

Plastic soap dispensers not only look tacky, but they also aren’t good for the environment. Getting a new soap every few weeks will have you going through tons of expensive bottles throughout the year.


You may be thinking “I just refill my plastic bottles with bulk soap.” While that’s cost and eco-efficient, it still doesn’t look as classy as a made-for-reusing bottle. They only cost about $10 and will match your bathroom decor much better.

Hide Under-The-Bed Storage With A Bed Skirt

Especially if you don’t have a ton of closet space, under the bed can be a perfect spot for added storage. However, you don’t want guests to see a ton of boxes underneath the bed.


To keep your room tidy without making it look like a storage unit, just add a bed skirt! The cloth is fitted to hang over your bed underneath the box spring. Choose one that matches your decor to further enhance the room’s interior design.

Cover Scratches And Watermarks With A Tablecloth Or Runner

If your dining room table is older and scratched up, or loaded with those pesky glass rings, simply cover it up with a table cloth or a runner. If there are just a few small blemishes near the center of the table, a runner will give the illusion that the entire thing is spotless.

Samantha Gades/Unsplash

You can also pair a runner with matching placemats to cover more surface without making it obvious. Better yet, get seasonal variations so they look like decorations.

Give Your Shed Charm With Carriage-Style Magnets

If you want to add a little charm to your shed or garage without breaking the budget, consider getting some carriage-style magnets. A set comes with hinges and handles that will keep guests’ eyes away from chipping paint or dented doors.

Kristaps Ungurs/Unsplash

You can get a set of four hinges and two handles for as little as $12 on Amazon. One reviewer said that even after a year, the product isn’t faded or worn in the slightest.

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