Unforgiveable Movie Mistakes That Somehow Slipped Through Editing

Unforgiveable Movie Mistakes That Somehow Slipped Through Editing

By the time a film hits the big screen, we expect it to be perfect. Every so often, though, a mistake or two will slip through the net. Thankfully, most of them will be so small that they’re virtually unnoticed. But some, like these 40 below, are so obvious that they make you wonder how on earth they made it past the final inspections!

40. The Bourne Identity

While Jason Bourne’s stealth is impressive, the movie magic behind it really isn’t. Just take a look at the scene where he’s meant to disappear behind the passing truck. If you look closely, you can still see his coat and shoes. Note to the directors: maybe don’t have a character wear red when he’s supposed to be hiding?

39. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

In the second installment of the Harry Potter series, boy-wizard Potter blasts his rival, Draco Malfoy, with a spell during a school-sanctioned duel. Give this scene a closer look, and you can see that a cameraman made it into the audience of the Hogwarts dueling club. Maybe someone should have passed him an invisibility cloak before cameras rolled!

38. Back to the Future III

If you didn’t notice, there’s something a little too strange about the scene where Doc returns with his family aboard a train. Just look at his youngest son…It’s not the “over here” motion that has viewers scratching their heads. Rather, what’s most startling is where the kid pointed after making that motion. Some think the actor was just telling the crew he needed to use the restroom.

37. Jurassic Park

Director Steven Spielberg gets a lot of credit for his realistic dinosaurs, and he should. Still, scenes like the one below prove his non-CGI models weren’t perfect. In the film, as kids hide in terror from a few velociraptors, one of Spielberg’s dinosaur models looks quite menacing in the doorway. That is, until you see a hand reach out and give the dinosaur a little extra nudge for balance and an encouraging pat on the butt. Whoops!

36. The Hurt Locker

Jeremy Renner’s character may be an elite bomb handler, but walking through plastic curtains seems to pose a challenge. You don’t even have to look closely to see that someone on set gives Jeremy a helping hand at passing through a plastic curtain doorway. In fact, the hand was so aggressive in its role as a helper, filmmakers probably should have given it a casting credit!

35. Gladiator

Everyone remembers Russell Crowe’s famous line, “Are you not entertained?” And while it may seem as though his character is calling an audience of cheering Roman nobles, look again. In the crowd is a member of the film’s crew, who made it into the final cut of the film in the not-quite-so-Roman attire of a T-shirt and jeans.

34. Jaws

After local police put a bounty on the infamous great white shark’s head, brave boat-owners take to the waters to try and earn a payday. But who’s that among the bounty hunters? It’s a camera crew. To keep the illusion intact, we can say they’re simply residents of Amity Island hoping to make a documentary out of the adventure.

33. The Two Towers

Next time you sit down to enjoy the second Lord of the Rings movie, watch as Éomer hops back on his horse. You should notice that he loses something: his sword. It falls out of his sheath as he rides away, and because Aragorn isn’t as totally cool as we might think, he doesn’t bother telling his new friend. Nice going!

32. Frozen

As Snow Queen Elsa belts out “Let It Go”— the song that’s been stuck in everyone’s heads since late 2013 — she takes a symbolic, stress-reducing action: letting her hair out of its braid. What could be wrong with that? In a movie with frost giants, a talking snowman, and ice-manipulation powers, you wouldn’t think an unforgivable error would occur with a simple hairdo. But lo and behold, her hair defies physics and passes right through her shoulder and arm.

31. Home Alone

Home Alone got away with a lot. Kevin McAllister inflicted plenty of pain on the bumbling burglars, yet the injuries his traps left were hardly more than superficial. But what about when young Kevin sledded down the stairs and out his open front door? Somehow, he managed to miss the wall directly at the bottom of the staircase.

30. The Wizard of Oz

The worst mistake made in The Wizard of Oz was undoubtedly the asbestos-laced snow the production used for the poppy scene. But earlier on, the crew made another flub when, as Scarecrow stumbles while being pelted with apples, Dorothy’s ruby slippers were suddenly replaced with her original dull, black ones. Blame that on the Wicked Witch.

29. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, one big action set piece saw a young John Conner being pursued by a deadly killer sent from the future. During the chase, the assassin’s truck is shown with a slightly cracked windshield — moments later, it suddenly becomes even more damaged.

28. Star Wars: A New Hope

Turn on Star Wars: A New Hope and keep an eye on the Stormtroopers. When a trio of them marches through the Death Star, one of the taller ones isn’t able to duck fast enough. Yep, as the door rises, the Stormtrooper on the right actually smacks his head on it!

27. Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts’ charm and skill as a performer could only mask certain movie mistakes for so long. In Pretty Woman, audiences were left scratching their heads when during one scene, Roberts was filmed eating a croissant — moments later, the pastry suddenly became a pancake!

26. Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace was not the best follow up to Casino Royale, so perhaps it made sense that a glaring blooper was left in. In one shot, an extra can be seen using a broom a few feet behind Daniel Craig. Well, if you watch closely, instead of actually sweeping, the extra just holds the broom a few inches above the ground.

25. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises was the last chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, so you’d think they would’ve gotten all the bugs out by then. But, when Catwoman was finally introduced in a headline in one of Gotham City’s newspapers, the production failed to notice one glaring mistake. Did you spot it? “Hiest” has never been a real word.

24. Jurassic Park

The production team on Jurassic Park probably should’ve spent a little more time researching the dinosaurs. Look closely at the vials in this scene: “Tyrannosaurus” is spelled wrong!

23. North By Northwest

No one in the restaurant could’ve known that Eva Marie Saint’s character was about to fire that gun in North By Northwest — well, except for the little boy seated at the table to her right. Naturally, the young man decided to plug his ears after learning of the impending gunshot, though without playback at the time, director Alfred Hitchcock never noticed.

22. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction pushed Quentin Tarantino into the mainstream and revived John Travolta’s career, but it also deserves a place in movie-goof history. During the scene where Samuel L. Jackson and Travolta survive a gunfight, the bullet holes behind them are already there before the shooting even starts.

20. Bad Boys

Sean Penn’s 1983 coming-of-age crime flick Bad Boys features arguably the worst movie mistake of all time. Take a look at the figure in the top-left of this shot — that’s the actual cameraman!

19. Gladiator

During the chariot crash in Gladiator, several eagle-eyed observers noticed a gas tank installed in the rear of one of the carriages. Evidently, a horse-drawn carriage crash wasn’t exciting enough, so the production crew decided to up the power in the chariot to make the tumble more dramatic.

18. Iron Man 2

In this scene from Iron Man 2, Tony Stark stands in front of a mirror… or what should have been a mirror. As he places a finger on his face, there’s a delay in his reflection’s movement. For whatever reason, a stunt double was used instead of a real mirror.

17. Braveheart

Actor and director Mel Gibson let something slip during one of the battle scenes in his Academy Award-winning film Braveheart. If you look at the bottom-left side of the screen, you can see a vehicle parked in the background… even though the events are supposed to take place during the 14th century!

16. Twilight

If you take a closer look at Bella’s truck in this Twilight scene, there’s a brief moment where you can spot the cameraman in the reflection.

15. Inglorious Basterds

While making sure that every detail was correct on this German officer’s costume, someone didn’t realize that his uniform features a chest insignia in one shot. In the next, however, it’s gone.

14. Avatar

During one scene in this film, the character Jake opens his capsule and you can clearly see there’s nothing sitting on his left. But then moments later, there’s suddenly a wheelchair right next to him.

13. The Avengers

During one moment in this action-packed film, the hero Thor destroyed everything around him, including the bumper of a car. But in the next shot, you can see it’s in perfectly good shape.

12. Titanic

In a major film where the focus is the ship itself, you’d think it would be pretty important to get every shot of it perfect. But as shown in these two pictures, you can see the deck clearly changes from one scene to the next.

11. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

There’s a good chance you’d miss this error if you blinked, but rest assured, it’s there. For one brief moment in the background of this Disney film, you can see a man wearing a modern white T-shirt and a cowboy hat.

10. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Yep, there’s yet another mistake from the Terminator franchise. In this case, Kate and John fly away in a plane clearly labeled N3035C, but by the time they land, it’s changed to N3973F.

9. The Usual Suspects

In one scene, a plane is landing at the airport. During the shot, it clearly has four engines. But after the scene cuts back just a few moments later, two of them have disappeared.

8. American Sniper

This film got mixed reviews when it came out, though there was one scene that drove everybody crazy. That’s right. The plastic baby. After Chris (Bradley Cooper) feeds his baby daughter, it becomes very clear that the baby he’s holding is in fact made entirely of plastic. Look closely and you’ll see—that’s not a real infant, but an unoriginal Christmas gift.

7. Gone With The Wind

This timeless classic is still very much enjoyed today, but it happens to contain a few very visible mistakes, too. In one scene, Ashley is brought back wounded from the raid where Scarlett’s husband Mr. Kennedy was killed, Melanie grabs a gas lamp to follow the man carrying Ashley to the bedroom, and you can see an electrical cord hanging down from it.

6. The Martian

When astronaut Mark Watney is presumed dead by his crew in The Martian, they have no choice but to leave him behind on Mars so that they can escape the storm in time. In the scene where Mark is trying to fix his vehicle, there is actually a person walking around in a tank top hovering around the background. Life on Mars is real after all!

5. The Hunger Games

In The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawerence’s character is supposed to be an expert with a bow, yet many archers noticed a slight error. Lawrence’s grip on her bowstring is entirely incorrect in some scenes — in fact, with improper form like this, she actually could’ve taken her own nose off!

4. Forrest Gump

When Tom Hank’s titular character starts his shrimp-catching business in Forrest Gump, it’s clear someone should’ve told him what kind of shrimp to look for. The ones he collects after the hurricane comes through are all dead, gray, and beheaded. Not exactly the kind of haul that’ll make you a fortune.

3. Dirty Dancing

In Dirty Dancing, there’s a scene where lead actor Patrick Swayze is supposed to be driving. But if you look at the vehicle’s gear shift, you can clearly see that it’s actually set in the park position. Whoops!

2. Avatar

Correct proportions are always important when shooting a film. At the end of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie Avatar, Jake’s human hand is completely disproportionate to the cheek of the 10-foot-tall Na’vi.

1. Twister

The thriller Twister about tornado chasers starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt is full of frightening and high-adrenaline action sequences. But don’t worry: we’re quickly reminded that this movie is just fiction. In one scene, a large piece of metal debris smashes the right side of the truck window. But then, all of a sudden, it’s the left side of the windshield that is cracked.

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